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Hi, Honored,
If you love to write an article but haven’t website then your unpublish article can be published on this site fully free. It can be shown to the client as a sample. Your credibility will grow.
Clients will be able to hire you directly through social media from the website. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and more, show these links on your profile.
If you are a new article writer, it will be of great benefit to you. You will be professional, your article will come online worldwide visitors. You will understand how you need to write so you can write articles here with your consent.
Send a request with this info:
1.Your mail address. ( You will receive login info via this mail).
2. Your CV.
3 Minimum 3 articles (Must be plagiarism free content.)

1. You will never be able to delete this article.
2. You should publish at least three articles per month.
3. You can leave this website at any time. But you will have article publishing.

NOTE: When you become a professional writer then you will be paid according to the rules.

Send request mail: info@lenxco.com (You will get login info after mail)
Website link https://lenxco.com

Stay home stay safe.